August 31, 2016
Welcome to the Holidays at Celebrations!
October 2, 2016

Which is Which?!

Yes, that’s right. This gorgeous Phalaenopsis orchid is boasting one living flower spike of its own, and one artificial.  Can you spot which one is which?

It’s not easy to tell. Orchid lovers have come to Celebrations to purchase a “silk” stem to push into their living greenery after they’ve cut back the original spike , until it naturally blooms again. Over the years our store has taken calls from people surprised to learn that they’d been watering their “silk” plants!

Although made of multiple materials, SILKS is the name that refers to all artificial florals, dating back thousands of years to the Chinese who used the threads from silk worms to spin the fabric petals. Silk flowers and greenery have advanced to incredible levels of realism, which make them ideal for homes and businesses where low lighting or fresh cut flowers would be too short lasting.

(Answer to the orchid quiz: the silk stem is on the left).